Registration for DDMA Experimentation Heroes 2023 is now open

01 June 2023

On Tuesday, October 31, the most outstanding achievements in experimentation and optimization will be celebrated at DDMA Experimentation Heroes 2023 (formerly known as the Dutch CRO Awards). Ambitious Experimentation specialists can now submit their case in three categories: Conversion, Experimentation Culture and Omnichannel. Additionally, the Lindeboom Heroes Award will be presented to a non-nominated entry with great potential for the future. The registration period closes on September 15. Submit your case at Ā

DDMA Experimentation Heroes: A fresh perspective on experimentation

The name change to Experimentation Heroes reflects the expansion and professionalisation of the Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) field. While CRO originally focused on experiments aimed at conversion optimization, professionals in this field now work on a much broader scale. They explore themes that go beyond gaining insights into target audiences or the effectiveness of new features. CRO has evolved into a practice where experiments are conducted throughout organisations on a much larger scale. In line with this, the initiator of the event, the DDMA Committee Experimentation & Optimisation, changed its name earlier this year.

With the first edition of DDMA Experimentation Heroes, the program has been completely revamped. Previously, it consisted of a series of presentations by all nominees and keynotes. Now, the schedule is divided over three different areas, each with its own theme. Visitors now have the opportunity to choose the cases that interests them the most and delve deeper into them. Additionally, the event is fully English-speaking for the first time. Tickets are available from today at

New category: Omnichannel

The DDMA Committee Experimentation & Optimisation, the initiator of Experimentation Heroes, has thoroughly reviewed the categories this year. The Traffic Generation category has been renamed Omnichannel. In terms of content, this category remains largely the same, primarily focusing on experiments aimed at optimising a broad funnel towards and on a website. The jury will consider elements such as click-through rate, conversion, return on advertising spend, as well as themes like offline/online integration and channel experiments. The category thus focuses on omnichannel experiments that may start or end outside the online funnel, from billboards to landing pages and vice versa. Additionally, the effectiveness of the creative expression and/or the type of media used to achieve success are important.

The jury and last year’s winners

This year, the jury of DDMA Experimentation Heroes consists of five experts in the field: Lucia van de Brink (Increase Conversion, Denise Visser (, Cameron van Uytrecht (Insight ProdX), Jorden Lentze ( and Arnout van Scherpenzeel (The Sharing Group). Like last year, the jury will assess all stages of the optimisation process of the submitted cases, from the initial situation and hypothesis to the actual test and the results achieved. Last year, Beter Bed (Conversion), VodafoneZiggo (Conversion), VodafoneZiggo (Experimentation Culture), and Kruitbosch (Traffic Generation) emerged as the winners.