Experimentation Heroes

Rules & Criteria

Be sure to carefully review the rules and criteria to ensure that you submit your case in the most optimal way possible.

Rules & Criteria
  1. Submissions must be made by September 20th (5:00 PM).
  2. The submission category must match the categories described here. The jury reserves the right to move the submission to the correct category.
  3. Submissions will be judged within categories and themes if there are enough similar cases. The nominee will be informed of the theme within which their case is being evaluated if they are nominated.
  4. DDMA Experimentation Heroes organisers reserve the right to extend the deadline and cancel potential categories if the desired level of submissions is not met.
  5. All entries must use the provided format. Please submit the format in PDF. It is also permitted to use other forms of media, such as (references to) videos and/or websites.
  6. Submissions must be in Dutch or English.
  7. Submissions must relate to a project that took place in the past year, specifically between September 2023 and September 2024. The beginning of the project and/or the reason for it can be earlier.
  8. Submissions must be made by organisations/clients based in the Netherlands. If an agency is involved in the case that is not based in the Netherlands, the submission will only be accepted if the client is based in the Netherlands.
  9. The awards will be presented to the clients of the winning cases. If an agency submits the entry, the client will ultimately receive the award.
  10. Submissions will be presented in a presentation format during DDMA Experimentation Heroes
  11. The presentations will be shared with the visitors of DDMA Experimentation Heroes in consultation with the nominees and winning cases.
  12. All presentations at Experimentation Heroes must be in English.
  13. The jury will read and use the submissions solely for the evaluation process, and all jury members are required to sign NDAs.
  14. DDMA’s legal advisors will review the nominated cases. If your case violates any laws or regulations, this could affect the nomination.
  15. Jury members are required to disclose any (commercial) relationships with submitters in advance. Jury members are excluded from evaluating submissions from colleagues.
  16. The jury’s evaluation is final.
  17. The jury will not provide further feedback on non-nominated submissions

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