Empowering Partner Case: Clickvalue

Entering the next phase of CRO? No research, copy competitors and running experiments with low confidence?

Maurice Beerthuyzen

15:25 - 15:40

As CXO professionals we work on changing habits on our own or clients websites. But as CXO we have some habits as well:

  • Research is very important
  • We don’t copy best practices and compettiors
  • We don’t run experiments with low confidence

but with the growing popularity of CXO, you see a different mentality emerging among companies. And how do we deal with that? Are we fighting this trend? Or is it sometimes useful to bounce along? Do we want to increase the popularity of CRO or do we want quality to prevail? a big issue in a short time. But we can continue the discussion over drinks 🙂

Maurice Beerthuyzen


Maurice Beerthuyzen has been active in the CRO world for years. As a program manager and researcher, he saw and experimented with hundreds of sites. In addition, Maurice is very skilled in setting up a solid CRO organization within companies. Once again Maurice will take you into the beautiful world of website optimization with his limitless enthusiasm.