The future of experimentation

Marianne Stjernvall

As the evolution of CRO is ongoing, we are moving from general testing to a more personalized user experience. But to move away from general testing there are some obstacles to cross. We are seeing difficulties in organizations to actually move away from general testing. So where lies the problem?

Marianne will dig deeper into one of our main problems; time. If we had all the time and resources in the world – we could sit and help each and every visitor to and through their individualized journey. But we all know this is not an option. So what could be a remedy? Marianne will show you one of the solutions that can bring us closer to smart personalization and perhaps to overcome the limitations of general testing for once and for all.

Marianne Stjernvall

Head of Customer Growth & PersonalizationCoop

Marianne is Head of Customer Growth & Personalization at Coop Sverige, a major Swedish retail chain. She also founded and currently runs the independent consulting firm Queen of CRO and is an advisor to, a predictive analytics startup.

She’s a leader in the growing field of CRO AI. She’s at the forefront of understanding how machine learning and artificial intelligence tools can help testers analyze data better and find new ways to predict customer behavior. Marianne has been in the industry for almost 10 years, during which the focus has mainly been on taking next steps in our data-driven journey – whether that means developing in-house AB-testing tools, or getting top management buy-in through translating results into business KPI’s.