Robin Sellaiyah (moderator) & Mark de Winter (moderator) & Joshua Kruger (moderator) & Frank Overbeek (moderator) & Douwe Möhring (moderator)

Robin Sellaiyah (moderator)

ModeratorOptimization Lead at Philips Health Systems

Robin’s passion is to understand & learn from user insights via quantitative and qualitative validation methods to improve the user journey experience by not only sharing concrete actionable recommendations, but also providing implementation support to organizations. He has 5+ years of experience in Web Analytics and Experimentation (CRO/User studies) for websites, eCommerce and portals surrounded by a B2C and B2B (corporate) environment. As Optimization Lead at Philips, he is currently responsible for optimizing the digital customer journey within the B2B healthcare target group.

Mark de Winter (moderator)

ModeratorDirector of Product CRO / CXO & Conversion Optimization at ClickValue (Part of LevelUp Group)

Mark has been working in the Experimentation field for more than 10 years. The past 8 years he has been working on the agency side, at ClickValue, currently as Director of Product. Next to that he has a seat in the DDMA Committee Experimentation & Optimisation, helping organisations in becoming more mature in their experimentation strategy and execution.

Joshua Kruger (moderator)

ModeratorManager Experimentation/CRO subscription sales at DPG Media

Joshua is bij DPG media verantwoordelijk voor het experimentation-programma van de circulation afdeling (abonnementenwerving en -behoud) van 56 toonaangevende Nederlandse en Belgische dagbladen en magazines waaronder Volkskrant, AD, Donald Duck en zijn jeugdfavoriet Autoweek. Joshua wil zijn experimentation-collega’s inspireren om te werken als ware detectives om samen met product team collega’s tot de meest effectieve oplossingen te komen. Bij circulation worden jaarlijks meer dan 300 experimenten gedaan.

Frank Overbeek (moderator)

ModeratorOwner of SiteSpect Europe

Since 2005, Frank Overbeek has been involved in the CRO/Testing environment as a provider of optimization solutions. Like other members of the DDMA committee, he is passionate about Experimentation, knowing that this field significantly contributes to the effectiveness of the online channel.

Douwe Möhring (moderator)

ModeratorCRO Director at dentsu Benelux

At dentsu, Douwe is responsible for CRO, data & dashboarding, and analytics. With a background in psychology, he started eight years ago as a fresh graduate consumer psychologist, conducting research and experiments to discover the best-performing websites. Over the years, he has conducted hundreds of experiments and continues to assist various top brands both domestically and internationally in setting up, improving, and running experimentation programs.