Empowering partner case Yellowgrape

”Using AI to optimize product pages”

Leonie Eckhardt & Martijn Versteeg

15:25 - 15:40

During this session, Leonie and Martijn will present the latest phase of e-commerce personalization at Yellowgrape. Discover how we integrate predictive values with advanced APIs from platforms like ChatGPT, increase the level of personalization, and apply anticipatory insights for a unique, conversion-increasing online experience and learn from our case example Traveldeal.

Leonie Eckhardt

Customer Journey Strategist / CRO ConsultantYellowgrape

Leonie Eckhardt has been in the center of Yellowgrape’s CRO and Customer Journey team for over two years now. Besides her role in experimentation and qualitative research methods, her expertise lies in making the strategic connections between teams. Translating business targets to practical experiments.

Martijn Versteeg

Customer Journey ConsultantYellowgrape

Martijn Versteeg, with an experienced background in online and email marketing, works as a driven Customer Journey Consultant at Yellowgrape. Over the years, he has developed a keen insight into optimizing customer journeys, with data and neuromarketing playing a central role in every contact moment. In his current role at Yellowgrape, he brings a pragmatic approach to the customer journey, carefully analyzing and fine-tuning the customer experience.